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Opened to all active and retired racial minority peace officers and auxiliary police officers.


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Jeff Haskins & Peter Cousins - Promoted to Inspector

        with Durham Regional Police Service

       DRPS's two first Senior Black officers

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Jeff and Peter,

Congratulations to the both of you on your historic promotion(s) to the rank of Inspector with the Durham Regional Police Service.  I am extremely proud of the both of you who have proved that competence counts, and hard work pays off.  I am happy that we as Black police and peace officers can experience the thrill of two significant promotions at the same time in policing.  It is even more significant to the men and women from your community who serve, protect, and correct that your promotions occurred during this year the 25th Anniversary of the formation of the Association of Black Law Enforcers.  Peter Butler III widely believed to be one of Canada's first official Black police officers in 1883 experienced challenges.  Others who have gone before you have also experienced challenges.  You too will face challenges; the difference now is that you have more people to suppoprt you in your continuous quest for success.


I have taken the liberty of advising our brother and sister colleagues in the USA and UK of this proud moment in Canadian policing history.  Again, congratulations on your achievement.


With the most respect,




David Mitchell

Assistant Deputy Minister

Youth Justice Services Division




               In Memory


                           Remi Tanimola


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Remi Tanimola. 

Remi had recently joined the ABLE family as a volunteer and gave her time selfessly. 

She will be remembered for her selfless positive attitude, generous spirit, and warm soul. 

She was always looking for ways she could contribute her time to worthy causes to those in need. 

Remi contributed greatly to the Association of Black Law Enforcers as well as many other

worthwhile causes. 

Her contribution to this year's upcoming 25th Anniversary Conference and Scholarship Awards Ball was invaluable. 

Remi enjoyed outdoor activities such as:  dragon boat racing, running, and hiking. 

She also enjoyed attending and supporting African Cannadian community events.

For those of us who knew her personally she was trusted, loyal and committed a committed friend.

Remi, you will be sorely missed.


Association of Black Law Enforcers





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