Windsor Police Promote their first black Staff Sergeant


Recently-promoted Windsor police officer Ed Armstrong is now the first Black

staff sergeant in the history of the Windsor Police Service. But the 22-year

veteran is most proud of his merits as a law enforcement professional and a team member.


But policing isn’t just about tactics. Armstrong will also be putting to use the community collaboration and positive role modelling skills he developed as a sergeant with the Community Services Branch, where he was assigned in 2018.


“We’ve done a ton of outreach. We attend schools, universities, colleges,” Armstrong said.


 “Our message is that Windsor police is all about diversity and equality.”


Improvement of racial diversity among Windsor police officers was one of the recommendations of a recently-released report by the Ontario Civilian Police Commission.


Staff Sgt. Ed Armstrong of Windsor police upon his promotion to his new rank –
the first Black staff sergeant of the Windsor Police Service, August 2020. 
Armstrong pointed out that his promotion process began last year — long before Black Lives Matter protests and riots occurred around the world, ignited by the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.


“We can’t hide from what’s going on in the world. It’s not just in the United States — the movement is worldwide,” Armstrong said.


“I can say, from my perspective with Windsor police, that we do a great job with recruitment and reaching out to communities.”


Armstrong pointed to the story of Alton Parker — the first Black Windsor police officer, who became the first Black police detective in Canada.


“I’m proud to be a staff sergeant, and hope my own story inspires others to want to get into policing,” Armstrong said.


“If we want to change the dynamic of how some young people think of police officers, this is how we do it: By showcasing what we do, how we’re here to build relationships.”




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