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Mission Statement

The Association of Black Law Enforcers (A.B.L.E) is an organization founded on the vision of law enforcement professionals who adopted respect, courtesy, service, and professionalism as core values to guide its members and their work.

We acknowledge with pride the dedication of Black people who have contributed to law enforcement in Canada.

We, as an association, celebrate the past, deal with the present, and prepare for the future.

A.B.L.E will continue to recognize and respect its partnership with all law enforcement agencies.


ABLE logo meaning Copy

1. Chains – A symbol of strength and unity

2. Shape of Inner Letters – Symbolic of continental Africa, the

    original home of the Black Race

       3. Maple Leaf – A symbol of Canada

4. Shield – A recognized symbol of Policing and Police professionals

5. Key – A recognized symbol of Corrections and Correctional professionals

6. Gavel – Represents the Criminal Justice system, law enforcement

    agencies and the professionals that serve within them            

       7. Colors – Red, Black, and Green are traditional African colors. Blue, a              

          color universally associated with law enforcement



Leaders for the future!