Peter Butler III

Peter Butler III was born in Lucan, Ontario, in 1859.  In 1883, he became a member of the Middlessex County Police, where he served as a tough but fair county constable.  In 1913 he joined the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and retired in 1936 after fifty years of policing.

Although some of his town's British immigrants objected to a Black police officer, Butler quickly gained their respect.  Known to carry a gun only when transporting prisoners to jail in London or chasing cattle rustlers, he was a deadly shot, who maintained a personal collection of 38 caliber guns.

Constable Peter Butler III died in 1943, in his honor, dignitaries from the county, the province, as well as guests from the United States attended his funeral.  Six OPP officers followed the casket to the family plot on Sauble Hill.

Rose Fortune

Rose Fortune was born into slavery in the southern United States in 1774.

Ms. Fortune was owned by the Devone Family.  As loyalist refugees, they made their way to Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, following the American Revolution.

In the latter part of the 1700s Ms. Fortune appointed herself policewoman for the area.

Ms. Fortune was especially known for spanking local mischief-makers and rousing local dignitaries from their beds.

It is believed that Rose Fortune was Canada's first female law enforcer, welcomed by rich and poor alike.

She was also well known about the town as the founder of one of Annapolis Royal's first cartage companies.

Rose Fortune gained her freedom in Annapolis and died in 1864 at the age of 90.


                Peter Butler III - Rose Fortune

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