29 Years of A.B.L.E.

29 Years of A.B.L.E.


It’s our Anniversary! Happy Anniversary to our incredible members, allies and community partners for all your support throughout the years!

Our founding members, Chris Bullen, Doreen Guy, Jay Hope, D.J. Marks, David Mitchell, Lynell L. Nolan, and Tony Weeks from TPS, OPP, RCMP and Correctional Services came together with a shared vision and with that vision ABLE was created on October 24, 1992. Twenty-nine years later, their vision and ABLE is still alive thanks to the work and dedication of our members and allies who have supported us over the years.

The original mission was consultative and progressive leadership in serving our members, law enforcement and our community at large in promoting the professional interests of black officers and minorities through racial harmony, cultural pride and employment equity (among others).

These ABLE traditions and values remain just as strong today as the Association of Black Law Enforcers continues to thrive and grow!

Please join us, along with our friends and allied partners in celebrating 29 years of passionate and committed service for everything equity and inclusion related from an amplified black voice. We continue to support and advocate for awareness, acceptance, understanding and action in driving us forward towards meaningful and impactful change!

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