Edouard Anglade

Edouard Anglade

Honouring our Trail Blazers for #bhm2023

Edouard Anglade was born in Haiti in 1944 and immigrated with his family to Quebec in 1964. Ten years later (in 1974), Anglade joined the Montreal Police as the first Black officer in the city of Montreal and the province of Quebec.

While on the force and reaching the rank of Detective-Sergeant, Anglade battled racism, prejudice and bigotry from other police officers, some in senior positions, who refused to work with a Black man. In 1988 Anglade won his workplace racial harassment case – the first such case won in Canada.

In recognition of his exceptional work on the Montreal Police force over the course of 30+ years, Anglade was awarded the Governor General’s Distinguished Service Awards in 1995 and again in 2004. He was also awarded a certificate of recognition by the Montreal Police for exemplary conduct throughout his career.

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