OACP Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Symposium

OACP Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Symposium

2021 Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Symposium

Wednesday, October 27th - Virtual

It takes more than an increase in diverse hires for a policing organization to be an equitable and inclusive workplace. The challenge is how to retain employees; how to create an environment where everyone feels accepted and included and engaged in their organization. This symposium explores the importance of recognizing biases in policing employment practices and offering ways to understand and mitigate the challenges. Academics and industry experts will present their research on gender, policing and inclusion and propose recommendations for meaningful change. We will look at changing the narrative on recruitment, redefining what the ‘perfect’ applicant looks like. The topic of retention and promotion will explore the power of decision-making and how to transform that power with a shift in mindset. Lastly, we will be challenged to rethink employment data – how policing manages data and using data to advance a more equitable workplace.

About the OACP EDI Working Group: The OACP Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group represents 18 police services across Ontario, including the Ontario Police College. One of its roles is to provide Ontario police services with learning opportunities that raise awareness of equity, diversity inclusion. This includes identifying and sharing successful strategies and promising practices on recruitment, retention and promotion. As the pandemic continues to stall training opportunities at OPC, your OMRON Executive will be hosting monthly Lunch n’ Learn sessions to assist members in media relations and public information roles.

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