2021 Annual Conference: Resilience, Perseverance & Growth

This panel will focus on the policing side of the criminal justice system, which often seems to be at odds with the Black community. Black police officers in particular have a difficult row to hoe, straddling two realities. In light of the difficulties that the Black community often faces at the hands of the police, this frank panel will explore how we can as members of the community ensure that we are being served and protected by our police and hold them accountable, how we can support the members of the Black community who choose this line of work, and how we can repair the rift between the two communities.

Conference Overview
The accomplished panellists will:

Provide insight on various areas of the Law:
o Corporate - Artificial Intelligence and Metadata, Privacy, Social Media use in Litigation.

o Family - Changes to the Divorce Act and implementation of those changes along with the evolution of family law from the dispute resolution perspective.

o Employment - The return to in-person work and the complexities involved including mandatory vaccination, and the human rights component.

o Criminal - The justice system, the disproportionate impact on the black community and where we go from here.

Demonstrate and share best practices for leadership, marketing and branding, and securing the new role and the right salary.
Train us on using technology such as Zoom and Google Suite to continue to navigate the virtual world.
Show us how versatile the legal training is regarding non-traditional law practice careers.
Highlight the importance of physical and mental wellness, and get us moving.
Tell us how the Judiciary has evolved during the process.

Venue Virtual
Starts Thu Nov 4 2021, 09:30am EDT
Ends Fri Nov 5 2021, 04:45pm EDT


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