Canadian Association of Police Governance

Canadian Association of Police Governance

Webinar Featuring: A.B.L.E. President Jacqueline Edwards

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
with Jacqueline Edwards, President, Association of Black Law Enforcers (A.B.L.E.)
Tuesday, December 7, 2021, 12pm EST

Our Black Community face racism and discrimination in many aspects of their lives, including the workplace, where they often encounter systemic hurdles to career advancement. In this webinar, Jacqueline Edwards as an agent of the collective ABLE voice will address anti-Blackness and systemic racism affecting our communities and police forces, with the goal of advancing positive outcomes - in co-creating change.

This presentation will provide insights into how boards and commissions can improve the experiences of Black and other racialized individuals in law enforcement and elevate the image of policing within our communities.


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