Weigh In On The Ottawa Police Service Budget

Weigh In On The Ottawa Police Service Budget

The Ottawa Police Service and the Board want to hear from residents and businesses about their thoughts on the 2022 Budget.

Draft 2022 OPS Budget includes $5.1 million in Cost Savings,

Call Referral Partnerships with Social Sector

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 8:45 am

(Ottawa) — The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) tabled its 2022 Draft Operating and Capital Budget with the Ottawa Police Services Board (OPSB) at a special meeting of the Board this morning.

The Draft OPS Budget was developed in consultation with the Board and the community. It fulfills and supports the direction and strategic plan of the Board with an effective financial plan and multi-year strategies that support and move forward an agenda of change at the OPS.

The Budget includes $5.1 million in efficiency savings, addresses $14.7 million (total pressures) of labour cost increases and inflation and includes no growth in the sworn officer complement. It includes new services and approaches to addressing the needs of our Indigenous communities, the need to work more closely with the social service sector, OPS culture change and the role of data to improve service to the public (see background document).

“The end state vision of this Budget plan is to build a police service where every community member and every Service member feels respected, supported, and accepted, no matter their background, status or circumstances,” said Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly. “It is extremely challenging to balance the desire to flatten the cost curve of the Budget while trying to meet the increasingly diverse and growing demands for service and change both inside and outside of the OPS. The OPS joins the Board in its commitment to finding that balance while building a truly different and better police service.”

“Taking a balanced approach, the OPSB has given the Ottawa Police Service direction to build the 2022 budget from a starting point of 0%, and have asked that any additional money requested is accompanied by a detailed justification for why it is needed,” said OPSB Chair Diane Deans. “This approach will provide the OPSB with a clear picture of budget pressures, resources required to maintain service levels, and growth to support strategic directions, and is critical to the Board’s ability to make decisions about resource allocation more transparently.”

Budget Financial Highlights:

The gross operating budget totals $389.7 million under the Draft 2022 proposal. With the deduction of one-time revenue, non-taxation revenue and recoveries, the net operating budget for the Police Service are $346.5 million. This level represents an increase of $14.0 million over 2021. With the assessment growth assumption of 1.7%, the resulting net increase to the police taxation revenues is 2.86%. This equates to an approximate $19 increase on the tax bill which brings the total to $663 for the average urban household.

The OPS also made continuous efforts to identify cost savings and efficiency opportunities to mitigate the forecast financial pressures. The OPS identified $5.1 million in efficiencies and savings for 2022.

The OPS’ Draft 2022 budget also includes forgoing all thirty (30) of the annual growth police officer positions.


The Budget also identifies $5.1 million in total efficiencies and savings through a variety of management interventions, a fleet and facilities rationalization exercise and the privatization of the collision reporting centres.

A $2 million management efficiency target is being set for 2022 to identify and achieve savings from equipment, supplies and training/travel.

To build on that work, a three-year management efficiency program is being put in place to find $3.5 million in efficiencies in 2023, 2024 and 2025.

Have your say…

The Ottawa Police Service and the Board want to hear from residents and businesses about their thoughts on the 2022 Budget.

Public delegations and questions from Ottawa City Councillors are welcome at the November 9, 2021 Finance and Audit Committee meeting starting at 9:30 via Zoom.

Delegations will also be welcome at the beginning of the regular meeting of the OPSB on November 22nd.

The Ottawa Police 2022 Budget is scheduled for approval by the Board on November 22 by Ottawa City Council on December 8th, 2021.

A complete copy of the Ottawa Police Service 2022 Draft Operating and Capital Budget is available for viewing or downloading from ottawapolice.ca/2022Budget [r20.rs6.net]. As well, it can be requested through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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